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Nice to know about your good work though this site. G8 of you.
Thanks & Regards
Pankaj Hastwala
+91 90990 99684

"You have a wonderful website"
Rahul Kar of Tata Tea Ltd, who recognised me from my picture on this site. - Starmark Bookstore.

Just surfing through Google and found your site. It's truly amazing. Thank you for all your hard work and effort in making this site. Greetings from  Web Sites Directory Email

I am impressed by your website:
My maiden name was Basu (Bose) and my great grandfather Mr. Nibaran
Chandra Basu came from Mahinagar, Burdwan to settle in Medinipur. His
descendents are Nalini Ranjan Basu, Pratyasa kumar Basu, and Partha Basu.
I wonder whether you can tell me about the family tree before Nibaran
Chandra Basu in Mahinagar (Burdwan, WB).
Chhanda Samanta

Comments: Just wanted to say that you certainly have done a great job with this website, the way all the material has been assimilated and presented. Great job. Sumit

From: Shormi_Bhattacharya
Subject: probashini

It was a pleasure to read the stuff on Kolkata compiled in the web site.
Being away from home, and Kolkata, makes one long for it.
You mentioned so, and I feel that way.

I am away from the city (in USA), will be so for long, but a part of me
still lives there, happy among it's hustling, bustling, charming life, with
family and friends. Your piece brought back memories, made me nostalgic,
and tickled my taste buds, longing for good Indian (read Bangali) food. One
of my greatest regrets is having missed all the winter delicacies (pithey,
puli, notun gur, kora paker sondesh, kancha golla, korai sutir kochuri, and
the list is endless) this year.

Thanks for capturing an image of Kolkata, which we are proud of, unlike the
much popular dark truths about the city. Every city and country for that
matter has its share of the good, the bad and the ugly. But for Kolkata
it's the ugly that's most featured, and publicised. Thanks once again for
writing about what's bright, and shining ! Regards, Shormi.

Dear Dipak:

I found your web site while searching for Mahinagar and was facinated by your research and publication on the web. My son Nikhl (15) is interested in researching his family history which also starts in Mahinagar.
We live in Boston USA and we are presently in India. We plan to travel to Mahinagar, Mallikpur, Govindapur and learn more about the family in Kolkatta.

20 Jun 2002
I was searching for "Art of Living" and suddenly found your page. The contents are so engrossing that I spent almost 15-20 minutes, though I had no such plan. Just thought I should write what I thought. It is very very interesting site, no doubt. I'll go through other links, sometime. One point I would like to mention (that's why I started writing). The look of your page is very official. I'll appreciate if you can add some designing to the page, at least for the front page. Lot of designing is possible now, you must be aware of. You can use flash, some HTML designing tool. Just an idea. Bye.

03 Jun 2002
It's very fantastic site. We are glad to see it ... It's very useful and informative. We appreciate to see a doctor so internet literate it's nice to see kolkata in also moving along with other cities like Hyderabad and so on. Please Check the website of

28 Jun 2000
Dr Samir Mukherjee
Dear Dipak
It is wonderful. I think it would better if you add one of your Photo with your name. I like to have a web site for me. Please give me the contacts. Thanks. Samir

29 Jan 2001
Dr. T. K. Chattopadhyay.

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