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9 Oct 2005

Dear Dr Sarbadhikari,

A scholar working (since 1955) on the pre-Gandhian Indian freedom movement,
Paris-based since 1966, I am the grandson of the revolutionary leader
Jatindranath Mukherjee (1879-1915), popularly known as Bagha Jatin.
As you may know, your grandfather had been very kind to look after the Hero,
mortally injured while wrestling with a tiger in 1906, and had preserved
the tiger's skin received from his grateful patient.

I would be happy to have a photo of your grandfather and - if it exists - a
photo of the tiger's skin. I would also like to know - if you have any idea
of it - the period about when the skin was finally deteriorated. Any reminiscence
concerning this matter will be most welcome. For instance, Jatindranath's
maternal uncle Dr Hemanta Kumar Chatterjee (practising in Shobhabazar) and
Dr SPS were closely known to each other.

Awaiting a word from you.

Hearty greetings of Shârodatsav.
Yours sincerely
Dr Prithwindra Mukherjee


Respected Dr Dipak Sarbadhikari,

Today while surfing the net I unexpectedly got a site (your site)
which I think have the potential to influence my future life in many a

You are performing a very difficult role which is and will be very
important to all Sarbadhikari-s, and everybody will be thankful to

I belong to a Sarbadhikari family which migrated from Pabna district
of present Bangladesh in 1960s to Serampore, Hoogley. My Grandfather,
late Premlal Sarbadhikari, was a homeopathic doctor in Sirajganj, Pabna.
His sons are, late Brindaban Sarbadhikari, Sudhir Sarbadhikari-
(Salt Lake FD block), Nilmoni Sarbadhikari (my father)-(Sinthi, Baranagar),
late Anil Sarbadhikari and Sushil Sarbadhikari (Jashore Road), and
daughter is Rekha Sarbadhikari (Sarshuna-Behala).

I passed MBBS from Calcutta National Medical College in 1997 and
joined Indian Army in 1999. Presently I am on an UN Peacekeeping
Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea since last month. Before coming here I
was in Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh-Siachen for two-and-a-half years and at
Pune for about three years. This UN Mission is for one year and I will
go back to India in July/August 2006.

As I've studied in hostel since my school days, I don't know any other
Sarbadhikari except my first relatives. If you can give any clue about
my extended family, I'll be grateful forever.

Thanking you,

With profound regards.



Medical Officer,
UN Level 1 Hospital - Assab, UNMEE (Ethiopia-Eriteria),

Phone no : 0012129633779, 0012129635921, 002911660500 :- Ext 3032

May 08, 2002
From: Joy Sarbadhikary
Subject: Outstanding!!

Dear Dr. Dipak Sarbadhikari,

First of all, a big congratulations on this site.

I myself was thinking of doing something on these lines because I was really
curious to find out more about our family and where some of our relatives
are. But I was really not aware that the first Sarbadhikary dated as far
back as the 14th century; I was given to understand that as a clan we were
only about 200 years old. All this makes me more curious to know where and
how our family trees (or rather branches) developed.

My part of the family comes from Midnapore, though I was not born in Bengal
(I am currently in Mumbai). I also did not find too many relatives that I
know of on your website and so I guess it would be interesting to know where
we fit in. One of my aunts has a family tree and I think it would be really
great if we can correlate it with yours. My father's name is Ajit Krishna
Sarbadhikary (he is based in New Delhi), grandfather Late Satish Chandra
Sarbadhikary and great grandfatther Late Sachindra Prasad Sarbadhikary (and
that is where my knowledge ends). I also did not find their names (except for
my father whose name I think you picked up from the telephone directory) on
the site so I guess our part of the family is kind of disjointed from the
lineage on the site.

I would be happy to work with you in getting our tree together. Do let me
know how I could be help. And congratulations on the site. I think this is
quite an achievement.

Warm regards,
Joy Sarbadhikary.
11, Landmark, 175 Carter Road
Bandra(W), Mumbai - 400050
Ph: 9820040664, 22-4474831(O), 22-6464206(R)

Hello Dipak,
Its great to hear from you!
I will try to get the family tree from my aunt; she incidentally was a professor of
Sanskrit at Calcutta University - Prof Dipa Sarbadhikary; I wonder if you know her.
I was aware that a particular generation has a common middle name. But, I think
no one in my generation has a middle name although most people in my father's
generation seem to have it. But I think the greatest discovery yesterday was to
know that we date back to as far as the 1300s. That's phenomenal!

Something about me and my family:
My father was born in 1939 ( ) in
Midnapore and he joined the India army. He was deputed to the Border Security
Force in 1967(I think) and he took up a permanent assignment there. He retired
in 1997 December from the BSF as an Inspector General. My mother works
as an editor with Prentice Hall of India. My brother (Mayur, dob 22-04-76) is
finishing his MBA from Mumbai. As for me, I (dob 16-12-71) chucked my
cushy bank job in March 2000 to start something of my own and that brought
me to Mumbai; kind of roughing it out these days.

Actually, the architect who designed Shah Rukh Khan's house is my uncle
Mr. Arup Sarbadhikary. He is currently in Beijing and will be in Mumbai tomorrow.
I think I will be meeting him over the weekend. I will ask him to write to you directly.

My other uncle Abhijit Sarbadhikary's contact nos are there on your site
and his eMail (  is also mentioned there. Have you talked
to him/met him? He is also an orthopaedic surgeon of extremely good repute.
And he is quite a connoisseur of good food. He seems to know all the swell eating
joints in Kolkata and is quite a fun person too...

I looked over the Mumbai telephone directory and found that there are 4-5 other
Sarbadhikary families here. I got their telephone no.s also but I don't know how
to talk to them as we may not have many common relatives (and having stayed
out of Bengal all my life, I am also not too familiar most of the names of my relations...).
But I will give it a try and tell you the names as well as the email ids of the people
I am able to talk to.
Anyway, its great to be in touch with you. I would really be curious and keen
to know how we two are related and how close (or far!) we are!

I think parts of the family that have developed independently can now come
together through this website. Earlier, I used to think that our family just
consisted of the people my parents knew... My first realization that there are
others who are our relations but we do not know of them happened when I saw
 a certain Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari on the popular Quiz Programme hosted
by Siddarth Basu - Quiz Time way back in 1985. I did a search on his name yesterday
to find out that he has done is PhD from IT BHU in Bio Medical Engineering
 and is working somewhere in Sikkim! Just the other day someone in my office
mentioned that there is a certain Mr. Kamal Sarbadhikary who is with Kodak
in the US and visited Kolkata 3 months back...

I will try to use my network to get in touch with as many Sarbadhikari's as I can
Also, I will try to get you a family tree of our side of the family, which should be
quite big. I think my great great grandfather settled in Midnapore and my side
of the family are all his descendents. I will fill in the details as soon as possible.
Would you have any plans of visiting Mumbai? Please do let me know and
I would be keen to meet up.

Dear Dipak,
Greetings from Toronto, Canada.  I am recently married to a Sarbadhikari whose
family is from Calcutta, India (Ballygunge Place).  We both look forward to
learning more about the Sarbadhikari genealogy/history.  We have only browsed
this site superficially and will take a closer look another time.  Looks good!

Lisa and Prodypto Sarbadhikari

Hi Dipak,
        I was surfing though the internet when I came across your page.  My name is Probir Sarbadhikari, my father is Pradip, and my grandfather was Prabhat. 
        I was born in Canada and now live in Toronto, Canada with my wife Jennifer and 5 month old son Peyton.  My wife and I were married in Calcutta in June 1995.
        My brother is Prodypto.  He lives in Toronto also with his wife Lisa.
You have a great website.  I am enjoying exploring it. I really appreciate all of the work you have  put into this. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Probir Sarbadhikari, B.A., L.L.B.
29 Parkside Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 2Y7 - Canada, email:


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