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Arranged by Generations.
From Generation 01 (circa 920) 

0101 Dasarath Bosu (c.920)
Gautam gotra. Came from Kanyakubja (Northern India) to Bangla. He was one of the 5 Kyasthas who accompanied the 5 Brahmins, who migrated to Bengal to introduce purity of race to the region. They came in the late 9th or early 10th century, at the invitation of the king of Bengal.
His sons:  Krishnaram Bosu and Param Bosu

Generation 02 ^

0201 Krishnaram Bosu
Settled in Western Bengal or Rarh province.Hence called Dakshin-rarhiya.
His son 03 Bhabanath Bosu

0202 Param Bosu  
Established the Bosu family of Bengal.

Generation 03 ^

0301 Bhabanath Bosu. His son 04 Hangseshwar

Generation 04 ^

0401 Hangsheswar (Hangsha) Bosu. His sons 05A Muktiram and 05B Shuktiram

Generation 05 (1130) ^

Muktiram Bosu (1112-39)
Obtained kaulinya from King Ballal Sen.
Settled in Mahinagar (present 24-Parganas) and established the Mahinagar Samaj.
His son 0601 Damodar Bosu

0502 Shuktiram (Shukti) Bosu
Established the Baganda Bosu branch. Descendants include Natyacharya Amritalal and Balaram Bosu of Baghbazar.

Generation 06 ^

0601 Damodar Bosu. His son 0701 Ananta

Generation 07 ^

0701 Ananta Bosu. His son:08 Gunakar

Generation 08 ^

0801 Gunakar Bosu. His son:09 Madhab

Generation 09 ^

0901 Madhab Bosu.  His son:10 Lakshan

Generation 10 ^

1001 Lakshan Bosu.
His sons:11A Mahipati 11B Panchanan 11C Narayan 11D Lambodar

Generation 11 ^

11A. Mahipati Bosu: His sons
Sureshwar Sarbadhikari - the FIRST Sarbadhikari
        12B Ishaneshwar Bosu and 12C Sreemanta Bosu.
11C. Narayan - Bhupen Bosu family
11D. Lambodar -
Netaji Subhas Bosu family  

Generation 12 (1350) ^

12A. Sureshwar Sarbadhikari (c.1350) The first Sarbadhikari
Muhammad Bin Tughlak (1325-51) Emperor of India, appointed him Governor 
        Orissa province. Invested  
him with the title Sarbadhikari
Adhikari=Possessor of) and gave him land at Raghunathpur District
        in Orissa to settle in. His son:12B Ishaneshwar. His son 13 Biswanath.

12B Ishaneshwar Bosu
2C. Sreemanta Bosu 
Raja Subodh Chandra Bosu Mallick family. 

Generation 13 ^

13. Biswanath Sarbadhikari. His son

Generation 14 ^

14. Janmenjoy Sarbadhikari. His son

Generation 15 ^

^ Madhav Sarbadhikari. 
His son

Generation 16 ^

Jadab Sarbadhikari.
His son

Generation 17 ^

17. Krishnadas Sarbadhikari.
His son

Generation 18 ^

18. Sriram Sarbadhikari. His son

Generation 19 ^

19. Ratneshwar Sarbadhikari
Married the daughter of Kishore Choudhury (the Zamindar of Khanakul-Krishnanagar 
     in Hooghly District) and migrated from Jajpur, Orissa to  Radhanagar, Bengal.
     His son

Generation 20 ^

20. Bisheshwar Sarbadhikari (Krishnanagar) His son

Generation 21 ^

21. Kinkar Sarbadhikari (alias Krishnakinkar). His son

Generation 22 ^

 Nityananda Sarbadhikari
Established Shitalananda Shalgramshila which is still worshipped by descendants.
       Had two wives.
       1st wife sons: Janmenjoy and Pratapnarayan
       2nd wife's son: Ramanarayan

22B Ramananda Sarbadhikari ^
Daughter - married Raja Rajkrishna Deb Bahadur (Shovabazar Rajbansha

Generation 23 (1730-1790) ^

23A. Janmenjoy

.Pratap Narayan - sons of 1st wife of Nityananda Sarbadhikari

23C Ram Narayan (1737-1790)  - son of 2nd wife of Nityananda.
    Expert in Arabic and Farsi, nicknamed Munshi.  Established Radhakanta deity in 100
    roomed temple. His sons: 24A Madan Mohan 24B Mathura Mohan, 24C Gopi Mohan    
    and 24D Shyam Mohan

Generation 24 (1760-1840) ^

24A. Madanmohan - had a son named Sitanath.

24B Mathura Mohan (1763-1838) (s/o 23C Ram Narayan)
of Radhanagar, Hooghly, West Bengal. Boyhood friend of Raja Rammohun Roy
    Had 3 wives, 1st Chitralekha, 2nd and 3rd.names unknown.
    Chitralekha. Had 2 sons: 25A Jadunath and 25B Baikunthanath.

24C Gopimohan
24D Shyammohan

Generation 25 (1780-1870) ^

25A Jadunath (1784-1870). Radhanagar, Hooghly. 1st son of 24B Mathura Mohan
    Visited holy places in India by foot and wrote Tirtha-Bhraman, the classic Bengali
    travelogue. Had two wives. 1st Labangalata, 2nd unknown.
    Labangalata had four sons.
    26A Prasanna Kumar, 26B Surya Kumar, 26C Ananada Kumar, 26D Raj Kumar.
    Second wife had a further four sons:
    26E Akshoy Kumar, 26F Amrita Kumar, 26G Ananta Kumar, 26G Upendra Kumar

25B Baikunthanath (Maju, Hooghly) 2nd son of 24B Mathura Mohan
    (ask for separate list).

Generation 26 (1820-1900) ^

26A. Prasanna Kumar (1826-1887) Son of 25A Jadunath.
    Friend of Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar (great educationist and proponent of widow
    remarriage). Succeeded Vidyasagar as the first non-brahmin Principal of Sanskrit
    College, Calcutta). Married Surangini Debi (authoress of the play Taracharit).

26B. Dr. Soorjee Kumar (1832-1904) Brigadier, Rai Bahadur. Son of 25A Jadunath.
    Resident of Howrah. One of the earliest graduates of the Medical College, Calcutta
    (Estd. 1835). Served during the Sepoy Mutiny (1857). Was the first Indian Dean of
    Faculty of Medicine, Calcutta university. Had eight sons:
    27A Satya Prasad, 27B Deva Prasad, 27C Krishna Prasad, 27D Dr Suresh Prasad,
    27E Nagendra Prasad, 27F Binoy Prasad and 27G Munindra Prasad and 27H Sushil Prasad.

Ananda Kumar (1836-) Son of 25A Jadunath

26D Raj Kumar (1838-)  Son of 25A Jadunath

26E Akshoy Kumar Son of 25A Jadunath

26F Amrita Kumar Son of 25A Jadunath
            Sons: Sudhanshu Prasad (5 Deshapriya Park) & Shishir Prasad (23 Lake Road)

26G Ananta Kumar Son of 25A Jadunath
            Sons: Sarat Prasad, Dr Hiran Prasad

26H Upendra Kumar Son of 25A Jadunath

Generation 27 (1850-1900) ^
Satya Prasad Son of 26B Surjya Kumar
        His son:  Jiban Krishna [28]

27B Sir Deva Prosad Sarbadhicary (5 Suri Lane, Calcutta) Son of 26B Surjya Kumar
     Decorated with a Knighthood), Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University. Solicitor.
    Author of "Smriti-Rekha." Had 2 sons. 28 Nirmal Chandra and 28 Nikhil Chandra.
    and 3 daughters:
    Sons of first daughter: Mr Justice Shankar Prasad Mitra and Bhaskar Prasad Mitra
    Son of second daughter: Biludada
    Son of third daughter: Sundardada

27C Krishna Prasad Son of 26B Surjya Kumar

27D Lt. Col. Dr. Suresh Prasad (79/1 Amherst St., Calcutta).
    Son of 26B Surjya Kumar

    Renowned surgeon. Graduate of Calcutta Medical College. Established the Bengal
    Ambulance Corps during WWI. Co-founder of R. G. Kar Hospital, Calcutta. Treated
    freedom fighter Bagha Jatin of his wounds. Had one son 28A Kanak Chandra

27E Nagendra Prasad (Serpentine Lane, Calcutta). Son of 26B Surjya Kumar
    Considered "Father of Indian Football." Introduced the game in the Calcutta Maidan.
    Sons 28 Mohon Chandra, 28 Monuj Chandra, 28 Mukur Chandra and 28 Mihir Chandra.

27F Binoy Prasad Son of 26B Surjya Kumar
          One daughter. Late Kamala.

27G Munindra Prasad (Vidyasagar St., Calcutta). Son of 26B Surjya Kumar
          Son 28 Mrinal Chandra.

27H Sushil Prasad S/o 26B Surjya Kumar
            His sons: Dr. Biman Chandra, Bikash Chandra, Bijoy Chandra (Berry) and daughter Bijali

27   Sisir Prasad
    (Fought in World War I as a member of the Bengal Ambulance Corps. Held POW in Mesopotamia)
    Wrote autobiography, "Abhi Le Baghdad." His son: Subhas Chandra

Generation 28 (1910-1970) ^

Amherst Street, Calcutta
   28 Dr. Kanak Chandra Sarbadhikari (1910-1970 Biodata>>
        Married Sabita Mitra Son: Dipakranjan Daughters: Sunita (Dutta) and Ketaki (Mazumdar)

Paikpara, Calcutta
Late Mohon Chandra
Bachelor. Spent many years in Government Construction jobs.

   28 Late Monuj Chandra (Paikpara, Calcutta)
Poet par excellence (Charan Kabi). Chronicler of family history.

   28 Late Mukur Chandra (Serpentine Lane, Calcutta).
Councilor, Calcutta Municipal Corpn. Marxist Political leader.

   28 Late Mihir Chandra
Bachelor. Embraced religious order (Adyapith) near Kolkata.

Suri Lane
    Sudas Ranjan and Subrata Ranjan

Taltala, Calcutta-14
   28 Late Jiban Krishna (Ranjan) ~ sons Tapan and Barun

Vidyasagar Street, Calcutta-9
   28 Late Prof Mrinal Chandra - father of 29 Manas Ranjan and 29 Moloy Ranjan

Wellington Street, Calcutta
Late Nirmal Chandra His sons:

    28 Late Dr Biman Chandra (s/o 27H Sushil Prasad). Well known TB specialist.
        Four daughters.
   28 Late Bikash Chandra (s/o 27H Sushil Prasad). MD of Central Bank of India.
        One daughter and son Sandip Ranjan.
   28 Late Bijoy Chandra (Berry) (s/o 27H Sushil Prasad). Renowned radio cricket commentator.
        One daughter: Jayashree Roy (daughter) Tel 2463-8279
 28 Surendranath - father of 29 Sailendra Nath

Madhya Pradesh
    28 Subhas Chandra (s/o Shishir Prasad). His son Kunal (Ranjan)

Sirajganj (Pabna) Now Bangladesh
    28 Premlal Sarbadhikari Homeopathic Doctor Late


Generation 29 (1940-70) ^

Calcutta: Amherst Street
Dr Dipak Ranjan (1943-) Sons Sumankishor and Ayankishor
        Married Sukla Paul.

Calcutta: Ballygunge Place, & Toronto, Canada
Prof Pradip Ranjan Canada

Calcutta: Golf Green
    29 Sailendra Nath - father of 30 Sarojendra Nath
    29 Supriyo Sarbadhicari [29] father of Anindita [30]

Calcutta: Jessore Road
    29 Sushil Sarbadhikari

Calcutta: Salt Lake
    29 Sudhir Sarbadhikari FD Block

Calcutta: Suri Lane (5 Sir Devaprasad Row)
    29 Late Sudas Ranjan
    29 Subrata Ranjan Son: Basudeb

Calcutta: Sinthee, Baranagar
    29 Nilmoni Sarbadhikari

Calcutta Taltala
Tapan wife: Suchitra daughter: Tanshree (married Nilanjan Paul).
Barun wife:

Calcutta: Vidyasagar Street
Manas Ranjan
Moloy Ranjan Arpankisore

Sandip Ranjan. (s/o Late Bikash Chandra)
Kunal (Ranjan) (s/o Subhash Chandra)

Generation 30 (1970-90) ^

Kolkata: Amherst Street,
Suman Kishore (1973-) more
Ayan Kishore (1984-)    more

Kolkata: Sinthee (Baranagore)
    30 Dr Major Kaushik Sarbadhikari

Kolkata: Suri Lane
    30 Basudeb (son of Subrata Ranjan)

Kolkata: Vidyasagar Street,
    30 Arpankisore, son of 29 Moloy Ranjan

Munsirhat, Howrah, WB
    30 Moloy

    30 Anindita Sarbadhicari (1974- )
    30 Sarojendra Nath father of Suptendra Nath

Toronto, Canada
    30 Probir (Son of Pradip Ranjan)
    30 Prodypto (Son of Pradip Ranjan)

Generation 31 (1990-     ^

Kolkata, Golf Green
    31 Agnisnato. (21-Nov-2013) s/o Anindita

Kolkata, Golf Green
    31 Suptendra Nath

Kolkata Paikpara,

Kolkata Wellington Street,
Srinjoy Roop

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