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Revamp work is on in full swing at Medical College and Hospital, which has got a fresh lease of life with Rs 140 crore being pumped in for its upgrade. The deadline is 2012.
The 88 College Street address is one of the 12 hospitals in India, and the only one in Bengal, to have been chosen for the upgrade under the Pradhan Mantri Swastha Suraksha Yojana.

The centre has forked out Rs 100 crore; the rest of the amount is being borne by the state.
"The number of beds will be increased by 150-160. We will have six more OT tables too. At present, there are 20. Post-revamp, we will be able to admit more patients and offer better curative treatment," said Anup Roy, the medical superintendent and vice-principal of Medical College and Hospital.

The plan for Medical College includes three new buildings, two of which are nearing completion. One of the buildings, towards Colootola, will have an auditorium and two lecture theatres. One of the academic departments will also shift there. A guest house will come up adjacent to this building.

The second building, facing College Street, will house all the out-patient departments (OPD). "The OPDs are now scattered in different 'buildings but they will come under one roof with a central registration system, which will be more convenient for patients," said Roy.

After the two buildings come up, work will start on the super-speciality block near
Eden Hospital Road. This 10-storey building will house the cardiology, cardio-thoracic and vascular surgery, plastic surgery, urology, medical gastroenterology, surgical gastroenterology, neurology and neurosurgery wings.

A sum of Rs 15 crore will be spent on buying equipment for the pathology, biochemistry, radiology and cardiology departments.

"The new facility will include specialised burns units, intensive therapy units and a central sterilisation facility for instruments and hospital uniform," added Roy.

The hospital will also have state-of-the-art interventional cardiac treatment, modern equipment for biopsy and all types of bacterial culture.

A central project management committee and a state-level committee are overseeing the work.

Jhinuk Mazumdai
The Telegraph Metro, April 7, 2009

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