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Calling all ex-students of Medical College, Calcutta !

Please enrol yourself as a member of the Medical College Ex-Students' Association [MCESA]. A part of what you are today is because of your Alma Mater. Let us preserve at least a small link with the past and what better way to do it than by becoming a member of MCESA.

The subscription rates for membership has been fixed as per Bye-Law 3 of the MCESA Constitution. This is stated below. As you can see the rates are extremely modest. Please bear with us if we have to increase the rates in the near future.

Rates of subscription

Life Member: The subscription for life member shall be a lump sum payment of Rs. 500/-.

Ordinary Member: The annual subscription shall be Rs. 50/- payable in advance. Members shall. however be entitled to a concessional subscription of Rs. 20/- per annum for the first three years after qualification.

Overseas Member:

Life Member Subscription - 50 / $ 100
Ordinary Member Subscription - 5 / $ 10 per annum

Note: Members living overseas but who are not members of any Overseas branch under Bye-law 8c are required to pay 1 / $ 2 per annum towards postal expenses.

Application Form

A Proforma for the application form for membership is given below. You can apply to the MCESA office for a form to be mailed to you. Alternatively, you may download the Proforma below as an image file and print it out [for instance save it in the Windows bitmapped i.e. bmp format and print it out with Windows Paint program] and mail it to the MCESA office along with the requisite subscription fee.

Please note that all cheques / drafts must be in favour of 
The Medical College Ex-Students' Association, Calcutta'.

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Updated: 13 Dec 2008

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