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Dear Alumnus,

This is a note from Medical College Ex-Students’ Association.

As all of us do appreciate, technology today has changed the way we communicate – one may call this the “sms-era”. The playfield for our pen is gradually being reduced to prescription pads only. And the easiest way to communicate in today’s world is the Web, whose importance is bound to increase in the days to come.

We need to have our own website.

Our existing website – in a half-baked condition today – needs a thorough revamping. A subcommittee has been formed with our very own Dr SP Chakraborty (an IT professional now) at the helm of affairs. The first job of this subcommittee, naturally, is to collect the e-mail address and specific suggestions of as many alumni as possible to design the site to the best of use.

Please extend your support. Please fill-up the proforma enclosed, send it back to me, and forward this letter to all your contacts who have passed out from our Alma Mater.

Warm regards.
Yours sincerely,
Dr Siddhartha Chakraborty
1967 - 1974 batch,
Medical College , Bengal
(Popularly known as Medical College, Calcutta)

Proforma for Website

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