51st Annual Report 2002-03
19 July 2003


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50th AGM Proceedings

51st Annual Report

Your attention please

New Executive Committee


The 51st Annual General Meeting of the Medical College Ex-Students' Association, Calcutta, will be held on Saturday 19-7-2003 at 2.00 p.m. at the
G. L. T., Medical College, Kolkata. Your presence at the meeting is earnestly solicited.

Dr. (Ms.) Sudipta Mukherjee Hony. Secretary


  1. To receive, consider and confirm the proceedings of the 50th
    Annual General Meeting held on 20-7-2002 (enclosed).

  2. To receive, consider and adopt the Annual Report of the Executive
    Committee of the past year (enclosed).

  3. To receive, consider and adopt the Audited Accounts of the year
    2002-2003 (enclosed).

  4. To pass the Budget Estimates for the ensuing year (enclosed).

  5. To appoint an Auditor for the ensuing year and fix his
    remuneration, if any.

  6. To consider resolutions, brought forward by the Executive
    Committee and by individual members, if any (enclosed).

  7. To transact such other business which in terms of the
    Memorandum, Rules and Bye laws might be transacted by the
    Annual General Meeting.

Date : 16th June, 2003


In the Executive Committee Meeting held on 28.05.2003 the following resolutions were proposed, discussed and placed for consideration in the 51st Annual General Meeting for adoption under the Agenda 6 of the notice.


1. The balance (up to 2000-01) as noted below as receivable by
the association and are being carried over for quite a long
time be written off as bad debt since there is no possibility of
the said balance being realised namely.
a) Souvenir         Rs. 2,500 = 00
b) Sponsorship     Rs. 15.000 = 00
TOTAL                Rs. 17,500 = 00

2. BE IT RESOLVED that the Annual Subscription, Life Membership Fees and
Registration Fees be revised as follow with effect from the year 2003-04.

                                          Present Fees     Proposed Fees
a) Annual Subscription Fees     Rs. 50.00          Rs. 100.00
b) Life Membership Fees          Rs. 500.00        Rs. 1,200.00
c) Registration Fees                Rs. 150.00        Rs. 200.00

Ms. Sudipta Mukherjee
Hony. Secretary


The Proceedings of 50th Annual General Meeting
Held on 20-07-2002 at 12.30 P.M. at G.L.T.
Medical College, Kolkata.

Presided by: Dr. Bidyut Kumar Mallick

Members Present : Drs. Binay K. Saha, Ela Ghosh, Sumon Mukhopadhyay, Arati Basu (Sengupta), Partha Sarathi Gupta, Sunil Auddy, Bulbul Raichaudhury, (Ms) Sudipta Mukherjee, Kalpana Majumder, Amit Dasgupta, A. Roy, Dhurobojyoti Ray, Sandha Saha, Asish K. Basu, Debasis Basu, Dhiraj Chaudhury, Parag Ranjan Ghosh,
Susanta K. Maitra, Manab Sanyal, Bipasa Sen, Ramprasad Mondal, Pradip Sahana, Krishnendu Mukherjee,
Sunil Thakur, Keya Basu, Sushila Sripad, Debasis Basu (Sr), Amarnath De, Paritosh K. Banerjee,
Mamtaz Sanghamita, Debasis Sanyal, Subrata Goswami, Arati Chaudhury, S. C. Hazra, Nirmal Ch. Biswas,
Ujjwal K. Mondal, Dipak Ray, Rajesh Das, Saikat Chandra, Punit K. Agarwal, Gautam Khastgir.
(42 Present & 149 Affirmative Proxy = Total 191)

President called the meeting to order.
One minute silence was observed in memory of those members who passed away recently.


1. Proceedings of the last meeting were read out by the Hony. Secretary Dr. Binay K. Saha. Considered & Confirmed by the House. Proposed by Dr. Dhiraj Chaudhury and seconded by Dr. Ramprasad Mondal.

2. Annual Report of the Association (MCESA) was presented by the Hony. Secy. Dr. Binay K. Saha, Considered and confirmed by the House. Proposed by Dr. Sunil Auddy and seconded by Dr. Manab Sanyal.

3. Auditor's Report was placed by the Hony. Secy, Dr. Binay K. Saha and passed being proposed by
Dr. Ramprasad Mondal and seconded by Dr. Sandhya Saha.

4. Estimated Budget was accepted as proposed by Dr. Parag Ranjan Ghosh and seconded by Dr. Bulbul Raichaudhury.

5. It was resolved that the same auditors be re-appointed for another term. Proposed by Dr. Amarnath De and seconded by Dr. Manab Sanyal.

6. The proposal brought forward by the Executive Committee was discussed & it is resolved that the following standing committees be constituted with clear terms of reference

A. Web Committee
B. Ter Jubilee Building Committee
C. Award Fund Management Committee
D. Constitution and Membership Committee

Be it further resolved that the standing Committees shall consist of a Chairman and four members appointed by the GB and shall have a tenure of 5 years with provision for renewal by GB for a further term of 5 years and that the incumbent President and Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all standing Committees and the Executive Committee shall have the power to fill a vacancy till the next AGM.

The following standing Committees were formed as per recommendation of the General Body.

A. Web Committee

Chairperson: Dr. Dipak Sarbadhikari
Members    1. Dr. Binay K. Saha
                2. Dr. Sankar Nath
                3. Dr. Indranil Mallick
                4. Dr. Avijit Hazra

B. Ter Jubilee Building Committee

Chairperson: Dr. Sushila Sripad
Members    1. Dr. Jitesh Samadder
                2. Dr. Arati Ray
                3. Dr. Ranjit Panja
                4. Dr. Subir Dutta

C. Award Fund Management Committee

Chairperson: Dr. Sunil Auddy
Members :  1. Dr. Ramprasad Mondal
                2. Dr. Bidyut K. Mallick
                3. Dr. Siddhartha Chakraborty
                4. Dr. Susanta Maitra

E. Constitution and Membership Committee

Chairperson:  Dr. Debasis Basu
Members     1. Dr. Mamtaz Sanghamita
                2. Dr. Asim Sarkar
                3. Dr. Debasis Basu (Sr)
                4. Dr. Sumon Mukhopadhyay

As per proposal of the Executive Committee the present Medico-legal problems of the Doctors was discussed. Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee and Dr. Sunil Thakur proposed for a forum & to raise a fund for facing the medico legal problems. Dr. Nirmal Ch. Biswas proposed for circulation of the problems to various professionals including doctors & Scientists.

The house authorized the Executive Committee to form the said Committee.

7. It was resolved that the incoming Secretary Dr. (Ms) Sudipta Mukherjee and the incoming Treasurer Dr. Binay K. Saha will operate the Bank Account of the Assbciation and the Bank be informed accordingly. This was proposed by Dr. Subrata Goswami and seconded by Dr. Bidyut K. Mallick.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to and from the Chair.


Fifty-first Annual Report
of The Medical College Ex-Students' Association, Calcutta (2002-2003)

Dear Alumni,

It is indeed a great privilege and honour to present the Annual Report of our very own MCESA as the Honorary Secretary for the year 2002-2003.

The passing year had its own share of sorrow & joy. With grief-stricken heart we condole the sad demise of some beloved members
Dr. A. N. Ansari
Dr. Bhaskar Roy Choudhury
Dr. Kaustav Mukherjee
Dr. Tara Dey.
Dr. Phani Bhusan Bhattacharyaya

May their souls rest in peace. We convey our deep sorrow to the bereaved families.

This year 77 alumni have registered as new Life Members and 132 as Annual Members. Four have become Fellow of MCESA.


The Annual Re-Union was held - as usual - from 29th to 31st January 2003. The Re-Union President was Dr. Amar De who so gracefully took us down memory lane with a few anecdotes here and there. We are grateful of him.

The Tea Party on 29th was a smashing success filled with melody from the synthesizer of Mahashweta Gupta. our student. Kudos to social and Entertainment Secretary Dr. Chandan Kumar Sen and the Asstt. Secretary
Dr. Dipanjan Bandyopadhyay.

Shri Atin Bandyopadhyay, the famous author, inaugurated the ReUnion Exhibition where the central theme was "Buildings of Medical College". Dr. Mirza Asraful Alam & others captured grandeur of the majestic buildings and their present day transformation for hi-tec system - a fantastic visual delight. And it was capped by a beautiful Audio Visual presentation - a lanour of love by Dr. Suparna Ganguly and her team. All these happened tinder care of Exhibition Sub-Committee with Dr. Sarmishtha Bandyopadhyay as Secretary and her associates.

The Re-Union Souvenir was released by our Chairperson Dr. (Mrs.) Jayshree Mitra (Ghosh) and the Scientific Session inaugurated by Dr. C. S. Dawn. The Sessions were very contemporary, lively and enjoyed by both the young and not so young participants.

Dr. M. N. De Memorial Oration was delivered by Dr. Bidyut K. Mallick, Dr. Dhanapati Panja Memorial Oration by Dr. Panchanan Moulik and Dr. Sreemanta Banerjea Memorial Oration was delivered by Dr. Sunil K. Addy. In addition to these orations, a new Dr. (Brig.) Rasamay Ganguly Memorial Oration was delivered by Brig. (Dr.) N. Roy has been started this year. Dr. Supratik Sanatani and Dr. Amitava Chakraborty - the Secretary and Asstt. Secretary of the Scientific Sub Committee worked very hard to run the programme and run it on schdule. Congratulations to them.

Our Drama Secretary Dr. Mamtaz Sanghamita and Asstt. Secretary Dr. Rajesh Das also deserve congratulations. They worked hard for a long time to make the evening more enjoyable - and they succeeded. Our present students also took part in the programmes en-masse resulting in "House Full" performances.

After the valedictory function there was a mixed cultural programme - a drama by past students, our very own "band" of present students and dance numbers were enjoyed by all.

The Reunion ended with our College Anthem. The Social & Entertainment sub-committee arranged a gala dinner on 31st January.

Instead of the customary Banquet, we had another evening of variety performance on the same stage - rather as a post scripts performance by Dr. Sankar Nath - our two ex-students and two professional groups were acclaimed with cheers.

In addition to organising the Annual Re-union, we conducted two scientific programmes -
a) Cardio Diabetic Care (Panel Discussion on 28-09-2002) b) HIV/AIDS : Current Status (CME on 20-06-2003)

Our eminent alumni discussed different aspects of the problems and there were interesting interactive sessions. Congratulations to Dr. Binay K. Saha and Dr.Dipanjan Bandyopadhyay for organising these enlightening sessions.


We are very sorry- as because we could not generate enough funds for whatever we had hoped to do.. That again was due to the simple fact that vast majority of our ex-students do not and did not come forward with their active suggestions and help. Whatever could be done was possible only because of untiring efforts of handful of them and some present students. My sincere gratitude and thanks to them. But unless all of you spend a few moments from your valuable buoy schedule for the cause of your very own alma mater and the MCESA, improving the over-all performance would be practically impossible.

I am thankful to our Chairperson Dr. (Mrs.) Jayshree Mitra (Ghosh) who gave her valuable guidance throughout & helped us whenever needed. Dr. Kusur. Kumar Adhikari, Suptd. of MCH, Dr. A. N. Biswas, Dept. Suptd., MCH and Mr. Manindranath Chakraborty, College Secretary helped us in many ways. I am very much thankful to Calcutta Medical College Ex-Students' Association (U.K.), Dr. P. S. Gupta, President MCESA, who in spite of his ill-health has done a wonderful job, President Elect Dr. Dhiraj Chaudhury Hony. Jt. Secretary, Dr. Subrata Goswami, Treasurer Dr. Binay K. Saha, Asstt. Secretary Dr. Sumon Mukherjee, and all the Executive Committee members, all reunion Committee members, President and other members of MCSU, The College office Staff, the Police Out post, the Decorators, all Advertisers, all Sponsors, M/s. H. Mukherjee & Banerjee Surgical Pvt. Ltd., Lastly I am thankful to all well wishers who helped us directly or indirectly.

We sincerely remember the perfect office keeping of our beloved Indubabu, Office Secretary, throughout the year, with very able assistance of Shri Probir Banerjee, Office Assistant. Shri Arabinda Das, Office Peon - also need to be complimented.

Best wishes to all

Long live our Alma Mater.

Long live MCESA.

Dr. (Ms.) Sudipta Mukherjee Hony. Secretary




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