49th Annual Report
21 July 2001


49th Annual Report of the 
Medical College
Ex Students' Association 

Dear Alumni,

       I feel honoured and privileged to present the Annual Re­port of MCESA for the year 2000-2001 as Honorary Secretary of our Association. Another year is being added to the glory of our Alma Mater and MCESA.

       With grief-stricken heart we condole the sad demise of our beloved bright members namely, Dr. Subodh Banerjee, Dr. Rangalal Das, Dr. Sudipta K. Ghosh, Dr. C.R. Maity, Dr. Indra

Naryayan Chowdhury, Dr. Rasamay Ganguly, Dr. Bishnu Mukherjee, Dr. S.K. Addy, and 
Dr. Asoke Banerjee.

       This year 60 life members and 134 annual members were added to our M C E S A family.

       When I was bestowed upon the responsibility of Secretary I was greatly moved at the same time I was afraid of vast task ahead, specially regarding finance, budget and fund raising. Our President Dr. Mahabir Singh being nonambulant due to some serious ailments I could not be blessed with his experienced guidance in person, of course, I got all encouragement from him and in spite of his illness he tried his best for fund raising. We must thank our chairperson Dr. Shyamal K. Basu who helped us whenever needed.

     Our senior Vice-President Dr. Dhiraj Choudhury carried out all the functions meant for President. Executive members also helped a lot namely Dr. P.S. Gupta, Dr. B. Mallick our President-elect etc. Scientific Secretary Dr. Bratati Lahiri Majumder, Asstt. Scientific Secretary Dr. Sankar Nath tried hard and arranged for sponsor­ship of scientific programmes and helped in fund raising in many ways. Some of our members took keen interest and helped in scientific session sponsorship etc. Among many others I must thank Dr. Ashoke Kar, Dr. Sudip Chatterjee, Dr. Sudip Chakravarty, Dr. Birendranath Das, Dr. Goutam Khastgir, Dr. Ambar Chakraborty, Dr. Debasis Basu (Sr), Dr. Shymal Sen, Dr. Sunil Sen, Dr. Purnima Chatterjee who donated a good sum of money. Dr. S. Sinha and Dr. Chandan K. Sen being superintendent and deputy superin­tendent of M C H helped us in many ways. Some of our very senior and celebrity members Dr. Samar Mitra, Dr. Abirlal Mukherjee, Dr. Sunil Thakur, Dr. C.S. Dawn were always there to encourage us. My Joint Secretary Dr. Subrata Goswami and Asstt. Secretary Dr. Ujjwal Mondal and Dr. Binay Saha was always there to help me. Dr. Sikha Banerjee treasurer being previous year's secretary assured me with her advice regarding fund raising.


All the usual programme were there in annual meet. Although money may not have been spent lavishly the functions were never­theless eye catching.


Thanks to last years committee who collected handsome amount of money. In spite of lavish expenditure as it was millennium reunion they could manage to keep some money for future.


Financial Round

I am glad to inform that we left no debt and already fixed deposited Rs. 30,000/‑ on life members account and hoping to fix another fifty thousand shortly.


Principals Lawn

Managing green signal from the then Hon'ble Minister in­charge Mr. Kshiti Goswami we could persuade P.W.D. Engineer M C H to face lift the principal's lawn where we held the tea party etc. P.W.D. Engineer Mrinal Babu leveled the Lawn and made a Oft boundary stone slab path around the area. I hope we would be able to make the lawn more decorative next time.


New Space for M C E S A Activities.

We are in real need of new space for our office complex and committee meeting room and M C E S A Library. We have sub­mitted a written request to Principal, Medical College, Kolkata to provide us a suitable space at newly renovated M C H heritage building, this was discussed in last reunion committee meeting and Principal agreed to it but did not make specific commitment on that issue. We must pursue the matter.


Re-Union Functions

This year also Re‑Union functions went on in the usualsched­ules. Senior Vice‑President Dr. Dhiraj  Choudhury  carried out all the functions deleneated to the President


Reunion started with usual Flag Hoisting function. chairper­son Dr. Shymal K. Basu, Secretary, President elect  and many senior members and executive members were present.

Dr. Susanta K. Sarkar was selected inaugurator of Scientific Session but in his absence due to illness Dr. Chittaranjan Das Adhikary inaugurated the session. Members of Scientific commit­tee with able guidance of Dr. B. Lahiri Majumder, sectional sec­retary and tremendous work by Asstt. Secretary Dr. Sankar Nath have done wonderful job. Sessions were carefully selected so that it impresses all and which involves all specialities. The sessions on AIDS, HRT, LASER THERAPY were highly appreciated by all. Dr. M.N. De Memorial Oration was given by Dr. Durga Charan Ghosh, Dr. Dhanapati Panja Memorial Oration was given by Dr. Probhatendu Banerjee and Dr. Sreemanta Banerjea Memorial Oration was given by Dr. Ajit K. Sarkar. Present students seminer was a good success like other years.


This year our Re‑Union President was Dr. Phani Bhusan Bhat­tacharjee a social worker besides doctors on his 100th year of successful life. He graced the reunion open session.


This year Exhibition theme was "Doctors in Extra Curricular activities." Secretary Dr. Parag Ranjan Ghosh showed keen inter­est. Asstt. Secretary Dr. Sabyasachi Roy with help of members and advice by Dr. Partha Sarathi Gupta collected many paint­ings, photography and writings including poetries by Ex‑Students. The exhibition was inaugurated by eminent artist Sri Prakash Karmakar. He highly praised some of the paintings & writings and suggested a elaborate well organised exhibition on some other occasion.

Social & Entertainment

Social gathering and evening cultural programmes and parties are one of the major attraction of Re‑Union. Afternoon Tea‑Party

on 29th January enjoyed by about thousands of ex‑students and many present students. The tea party on the red‑carpetted lawn with fancy light decorations, back ground orchestra, the nostalgic gossips along with variety snacks enjoyed by all. Inspite of Saraswati Puja it was a grand success. There was lunch on 30th and Dinner party on 31st January as usual. Here I must thank the committee Secretary Dr. Ramprasad Mondal and Asstt. Secretary Dr. Nirjhar Bhattacharjee & student volunteers took most of the pain of ar­ranging the food etc. with help of Dr. Tarun Chatterjee.

Drama Secretary Dr. (Ms) Sudipta Mukherjee gave utmost effort to bring success in cultural programme. Four plays were staged namely Baro Bhute, Chikitsa Sankat, Satru Daman and Sajano Bagan. Dr. Sujan Kundu our NRI exstudent must get spe­cial thanks for coming all the way from England since last few years taking a directors role. 31st was the day for variety show. Dr. Pallab Kritania and many others took part.

 Re‑Union debate competition was on important issue the motion being in the opinion of house "privatization of Medical service is the only way out." Dr. Bishnu Mukherjee and Dr. Nirmalya Banerji were judges.  

Inspite of our financial strain usual souvenir was published and for that sec. Dr. Bulbul Raichowdhury and asstt. Sec. Dr. Pranati Sinha tried their level best.

Cricket Match

Ex‑student verses present students Festival Cricket Match on 28th January afternoon is a bridge between old and new genera­tions. This year Mohun Bagan Athlectic permitted us to hold that match in their precious ground and made all the necessary ar­rangements. Though past students attendance was poor their present students enjoyed very much. Dr. Prodyot K. Khan, Dr. Abirlal Mukherjee were their to encourage them. We could man­age the ground because of request from Justice N.A. Chowdhury to Mr. Anjan Choudhury.

Re Union Banquet

Though we have all arrangement ready for Banquet with unanimus opinion we cancelled the party because of Earthquake

disaster in Gujrat. The money collected for that Rs. 4,600/‑ from 12 members and some added to it and we have send Rs.6000/­to Prime Minister's Relief Fund for Gujrat. My thanks to the donars.

  Thanks to Dr. Dipak Sarbadhikari who helped us in launch­ing MCESA Web Site.

Thanks to student members and volunteers without whom reunion arrangements are almost impossible. They helped a lot specially in registration counter, scientific sessions food counters etc.

Thanks to the Calcutta Medical College Ex‑Students' Asso­ciation (U.K.) for their large participation in College Re‑Union for last few years and generous donation.

Best regards and thanks to all of them who directly or indi­rectly helped us to make the Re Union a successful.

New thinking and proposals

1) Dr. Shanti Indra expressed her wish to donate some money for Award to be given to the student one who would stood 1st in Paediatrics in Final MBBS Examination.

2) Dr. Jitesh Sampadder have sent a written appeal to Metro Rail for changing the name of Metro Station `Central' to `Medi­cal College' Executive Committee agreed to the idea and we are also willing to send a request for the same.

3) Mrs. Anima Ganguly wanted to donate Rs. 25,000/‑ for Dr. RASAMAY GANGULY MEMORIAL AWARD to be given to best in MBBS for the subject of Surgery.

4) We have to spend rupees 2000/- for keeping the website & E.mail upto date through Dr. Dipak Sarbadhikari, Executive Com­mittee agreed to this proposal.

5) Garlanding of the statue of Mr. David Hare was done on his birth day from M C E S A, along with the others. We propose to celebrate his birth and death aniversery each year as he was one of the founder of Medical College, Bengal.

For modernization of office and network communication, executive committee decided to buy a computer and keep some deposit money for e‑mail connection.


We sincerely remember the service and meticulous office keeping of our beloved Indu Babu throughout the year. He was the real man behind show. Newly recruitted office assistant Probir Banerjee proved himself worth for the post. Office peon Aurobinda Das worked hard during these few months.


I am sure inspite of all our sincere and honest efforts there may be many lacunae. The fault is mine. We tried our utmost to keep up the flag of our Association and College flying high.

Long live M C E S A.

   Mamtaz Sanghamita

Hony. General Secretary


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