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    This is our house at 79/1 Amherst Street, Kolkata, India that was built in 1910 by my grandfather Lt. Col. Suresh Prasad Sarbadhikari. He was a renowned surgeon of his times.
The building has been declared a Heritage Building in the city of Calcutta on 30-Aug-2001.
    The ground floor is where I see my patients, the first floor has living and dining rooms and the top floor has our bedrooms. The roof houses my wife's potted plants collection.
    You can see a glimpse of another house to the left. That also belongs to us but is rented out. We keep our car there in the ground floor garage.
    The sketch above is by a well known artist Rathin Mitra - who was drawing a series of heritage houses in Calcutta for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine. We were delighted to see the picture in one of the issues.  

Author's Name: Dr. Dipak R. Sarbadhikari
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Updated: 28 Sep 2010

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