ENGLAND 1973-1977 

I left for England in the middle of 1973 with my wife Sukla. My eldest son Suman was born there on 7th October 1973. I spent the next four years studying to be an orthopaedic surgeon. I obtained the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinborough in 1977. Here are the hospitals I worked in :

1 Warrington Infirmary, Warrington, Lancs 1973-74
2 Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool, Lancs. 1974-75
3 Royal Portsmouth Hospital, Portsmouth, Hants 1975-76
4 Wharfdale General Hospital, Otley, Yorks 1976
5 Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, Norwich, Norfolk 1977

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Author's Name: Dr. Dipak R. Sarbadhikari
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Updated: 30 Oct 2005

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