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Hi. We enjoyed your website. My husband and I are based in San Diego, California. We are searching for the perfect Hindu Baby Boy name, and so far Ayan is the top-most choice. We were wondering if you would be kind enough to help us find the meaning of your beautiful name. Could you please include your resource. Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

8 January 2004

Dear Ayan,
So kind of you to reply to our inquiry. It was a pleasure browsing through your family's website that your father has so diligently created. Our best wishes to him on his successful journey as a surgeon and as the family historian.
We both love your name! Here are some more meanings we have found so far:
- In Tamil, 'Ayan' is the name of Brahma, the Creator. 
- 'Ayan' is also a form of African drumming .

15 January 2004

Hello Ayan,
My wife Bhavna has been in correspondence with you regarding the name 'Ayan'. I wanted to give you the good news that we have been blessed with a baby boy and we have named him Ayan. Ayan Satya was born at 4:41 AM on February 16. He weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces and is 20 inches in height. Mother and baby are doing fine. In addition to the beautiful meanings of the name 'Ayan', it is also an acronym of last two letters of our names ('ya' and 'na') - that made the name all the more attractive to us. Thank you for all your help and please stay in touch.


27 February 2004

Dear Ayan,
Thanks for sharing your website with us. Its beautiful! We feel honored that you have included our baby Ayan's photo there.
I will pass on your wonderful website to some of my friends and relatives so that they can enrich from it as well.
Best wishes,

Bhavna, Satya and Ayan.

3rd August 2004

Hi Ayan,

While looking for the meaning of the name Ayan, I stumbled upon your website. Also saw baby Ayan's pictures...

Keya Patel

3rd September 2004

Let me introduce myself before writing. I am grandmother of my little angel baby AYAN.
My daughter has forwarded her all mails of communications with you , and thanks to them i was able to browse through the entire website which has been created so beautifully and artistically ...... We are really thankful to you for that.

Manjula Sahi

5th September 2004

Mail from (Cengiz Yilmaz) Irfan Ayan regarding the meaning of 'ayan':-
There is one meaning of ayan in turkish; 1 - obviously or clearly,

Irfan Ayan

15th September 2004

.....Your Name Ayan... has been correctly defined by various people... and someone from Turkey has given the meaning it has in Urdu/Persian. Ayan (with the last 'n' not pronunced fully... but half i.e. nasal tone sound..)... means something that is open and clear / something like : "something vividly clear on the face of it" or prima-facie. Bai`yyann ... i.e. open signs... There is a verse of Iqbal wherein he has used the word "Ayan".

Too na mit jaayega... Iran ke mit jaane se
Hai aya`n yu`rish-e-Taa`taar ke afsaa`ne se !
Paas`baan mil gaye Kaabe ko sanam-khaane se !
.... - (Jawab-e-Shikwa 1929)

Gulam Dastagir

23rd September 2004

...............My neice (eldest sister's daughter) delivered a baby boy... and they named the boy Ayan. When i heard it... i was curios to know... the dimensions of its meaning(s)... That is how i reached your web-page. The way you put your page.. .and your photograph itself conveyed to something basic (basic instinct) in me... that you were a good soul. All else becomes secondary after that..................

Gulam Dastagir

25th September 2004

.....Ayan in Tamil also means Shepherd. Of course, in this case, the pronunciation is long: Aayan: as in Abbas or in Ayaz......

K. L. Narayanan

19th October 2004

.....I was looking for a long time for the meaning of the name AYAZ and i went to some site and one directed me to yours even though your name is ayan not ayaz i was wondering if you could help me find the meaning of this name. I have always liked the name but I don't know what it means....

Farah Khalid

23rd October 2004

I came across your website... it is Amazing ! I was actually looking for the meaning of my son's name = AYAN !!! I was trying again to find where I had heard the meaning. I am truly hoping you can help me out in understanding what AYAN means !!!!

Sangita Patel

29th October 2004


....I was going through the site of St.Xavier's Calcutta. It has been very well developed.....

Ashwani Kumar

14th November 2004

hi Ayan,

... I was searching names for my baby due in December, and wanted to find out meaning of Ayan, so came across your site, I like the name and meanings, but did not know correct pronunciation in Hindi..
I was looking for baby names, and found Ayan quite nice, just wanted to ask you how do u pronounce it?.. is it Like "aa"..or "a".. means, do u pronounce it like "Aa"mir..or "A".tul.. I am bit confused about it's pronunciation..

Tejaswinee Barbhai

14th November 2004

Dear Mr. Sarbadhikari:

Would you kindly provide us with the address of the Jesuit Education Association of India? We would like to have some information regarding the donation.

Thank you for your assistance.

Reiko Takikawa

5th January 2005

Hi Ayan,
My name is also Ayan. I am originally from Somalia, and now I live in the US in Arizona. In Somalia Ayan means "the lucky one". However in Somali Ayan is the female form of the name, and Ayanle is the male form. It sounds as though it would be the other way around doesn't it? At least that is how it sounds to me. It was very interesting for me to see your website and learn of all the other meanings of Ayan. The name has brought me lots of luck for all of my thirty years....... I really liked it a lot. It was fun to find out all the different meanings of "Ayan".

I don't have any suggestions to improve it, I think it's really good......

Ayan Farah

22nd January 2005

Hi Ayan,

I was (as many other visitors on your site) looking for the meaning of the name Ayan. Most people that have named their child Ayan or are planning to do so, do this for the many beautiful meanings the name has!..........In my country the name Arjan is very common, so my parents wanted to be creative and named me Ayan, without knowing any meaning of the name. Now, knowing all these meanings, I feel blessed to have been given this name!

Ayan Jobse
Voorburg - The Netherlands

30th January 2005

Dear Ayan

I found your email address on the website you have created. I think your website is really nice......

Mr. Radek Coufal
Admissions Representative
Richmond The American International University in London

7th April 2005

Dear Ayan,

I am amazed at ur endeavour. It will be very helpful if u can provide me some information.....

Md Masum
New York, USA

1st May 2005

Dear Ayan,
....I have come across your name when searching St.Xaviers through google. Your web page is quite nicely made. It is really a tribute to your dearest school....

Tapas Kumar Dey

28th May 2005

Hi Ayan,

Myself, Alok and my wife Sheetal are based in Noida, India and had decided that if we would be blessed with a baby boy, we would name him Ayan. Apart from all other beautiful meanings this name has, in Sanskrit this also means "Speed" in English or "Gati" in Hindi.

I appreciate your effort in creating this website. I have attached a picture of our son Ayan Srivastava.

Thank You for your email and your posting of the picture of Ayan Srivastava. This is such a beautiful name that I was tempted to explore more meanings of this name and when I searched this name on the internet, I came across this site. This name was searched out by my mother from Sanskrit Shabdkosh at her School Library. We were amazed to see your website and the list of other meanings for this name. This is a great effort and I really appreciate this effort of yours.

Alok Srivastava

14th August 2005

Dear Ayan,

.....Seen your web-page, its very nice and informative about you and St Xaviers college.......

Kailash Agarwal

23rd August 2005

Hi Ayan,

Thank you very much for your efforts in gathering all the meanings for the name Ayan.

I've been searching for the meaning for a while and today, I just discovered your web page. I didn't realize that there would be so many different meanings.

The closed that I came to finding the name Ayan was Ayanna and Ayanna in Kiswahili means "beautiful flower, wildflower." I'm not sure if that has any derivates from Ayan.

Toronto, Canada

18th September 2005

Hi Ayan,

Can you please let me know how this name is pronounced.

Do we have to put emphasis on 'a" that is like aayan and another thing , how its meaning different from AAYAN which many muslim/middle eastern
people have.

You web site is very informative. I would appreciate your reply


Jatil Patel

25th October 2005

Your website is just fabulous especially in terms of knowledge!! It is a great website, just fascinating!!

Mr. Saibal Bishnu
COO, NetPolaris Inc.

9th June 2006

Bhavna and Satya with Ayan

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