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 " A Y A N "

Meanings of "Ayan"

What is the meaning of the word 'ayan'? Well, there are different meanings of this unique word.

  • The path through which the sun travels in the daytime is called 'Ayan'

  • In Tamil: 'Ayan' is the name of Brahma, the Creator.

  • 'Ayan' also means Shepherd

  • 'Ayan' is also a form of African drumming.

  • 'Ayan' in Turkish, means "obviously" or "clearly"

  • 'Ayan' [Urdu/Persian.] with the last 'n' not pronounced fully... but half i.e. nasal tone sound..)... means something that is open and clear /something like : "something vividly clear on the face of it" or prima-facie.

  • In Somalia 'Ayan' means "the lucky one". However, in Somali, 'Ayan' is the female form of the name, and 'Ayanle' is the male form.

  • AYAN: Somali female name meaning "bright."

  • In Sanskrit this also means "Speed" in English or "Gati" in Hindi.

  • Sirr & Rooh form Rooh-e-Insani (Human soul) or Ayan. This part of the soul is inscribed with commands characterizing the life. It is also termed as Ayan. When a human being gets acquainted with it, he can witness the record & scheme of all that exists, written on loh-e-mahfooz.

  • Narayan - the Sanskrit word, is explained as Nara + Ayan = Narayan. ie.,Nara meaning human being and Ayan meaning the mirror. In essence it is the reflection of self - the soul.

  • Egyptian Mythology
    Ptah was also a miracle worker. It was believed that Ptah saved the town of Pelusium from Assyrian invaders with an army of rats. Ptah ordered the rats to sneak into the camp of the Assyrians and gnaw through the bowstrings and shield handles of the enemy. Without weaponry or defense, the Assyrian army fled. It was also said that he stopped a fight between Horus and Set:
    He judged between Heru and Set; he ended their quarrel. He made Set the king of Upper Egypt in the land of Upper Egypt, up to the place in which he was born, which is Su. And Geb made Horus King of Lower Egypt in the land of Lower Egypt, up to the place in which his father was drowned which is "Division-of-the-Two-Lands." Thus Horus stood over one region, and Set stood over one region. They made peace over the Two Lands at Ayan. That was the division of the Two Lands.


  • In Nigeria and Benin, the spirit in the drum is called Ayan.

  • Ayan is also the name of a type of tree (African Satinwood), the one Shango is said to have hung himself on, and wood used for bata in Nigeria. Some people from long lines of drumming families have Ayan as part of their last name, such as Master Rabiu Ayandokun from the town of Erin Oshun, Nigeria.

  • "yn or yn is the rs of drums. In Cuba it is spelled Aa yet is pronounced exactly as it would be in Yorbland. It is also the name of the African Satinwood tree, Distemonanthus, used to construct drums, Sng dance clubs, houseposts, and sometimes canoes. The following ork (praise poem) tells us something of yn:
    Chief of trees that talks
    The one that makes me eat with the chief of the market
    The one that makes me know the road one has not seen before
    The slender tree that grows money
    "The one who finds brass and carries it" "Talks deeply"
    yn support me
    We never follow you and go hungry


  • Message board on:  http://www.behindthename.com/bb_gen/arcview.php?id=52823

    Out of the meanings given, the Sanskrit origin ones are basically correct. Derived from the root i with cognates all over the Indoeuropean languages e.g. ειμι, iter, иду, signifying motion, one gets aYan, the act of going, or the path, and is used both literally and figuratively. A peculiar development also led to it meaning a house or place of refuge.

    But all that is about ayana, not aayana; i.e. the first vowel is as in cut or cot, not as in car. That can happen in Sanskrit if one uses the prefix A to the above word, in which case the meaning changes from going to coming, and Ayana usually means approaching, though it can mean income as well. Alternatively, since ayana has celestial significance, Ayana can mean belonging to the solistice. I do not think that either of these two aayan is used as a name.
    Forgot to mention that AYAna (or aayaan if you prefer) is a very famous character n mythology: AYAna ghoSa was the husband of rAdhA, the heartthrob and lover of kRSNa, the playful pastoral God, an incarnation of viSNu, the protector amongst the Hindu trinity.

    AYAna can mean arrival, and natural temperament, but I do not know if the name is anyway connected to the word.

    The sanskrit meaning is incorrect. satyanArAYaNa comes from satya = truth (or, etymologically, that which exists from the root as, to be, with obvious cognates) + nArAYaNa (descendent of nara, man, with cognates in Greek and Latin). The word nArAYaNa was identified as the first man, the creator, etc. in the past, but now refers to ViSNu, the protector amongst the Hindu trinity.

    Hi, we are Hindu and named our son Ayan. One thing we liked about it was that it is such a cross-cultural name. The meanings we researched are as follows:

    1. Hindu/Tamil: Brahma, the God of Creation
    2. Sanskrit: Soaked in the Divine (as in Satyanarayan)
    3. Biblical: Motion, To Arrive (related to Noah); Iian, which is pronounced like Ayan, is the Scottish variation of John
    4. Hebrew: Nothingness, Peace
    5. Persian: Notable
    6. Islam/Arabic: Gods Gift
    7. Several African Languages: Center Part of the Soul.


Do you know any other meaning?? Please let me know!


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